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About Us

Many customers like to know about the shop and the people behind it.  Here, we will tell you a little about ourselves and "Our home."

Our Wonderful Story 

Treasures was originally founded in the summer of 1991 here in beautiful and "historic" Amherst, New Hampshire in the area that was known as Danforth's Corner. The building that it is housed in was built in (ca. ) 1750 as a 3-room farmhouse with a dirt root cellar! It was  owned by Capt. George Danforth. As time passed and the families back then grew larger, the house was expanded to add another room. That was in ca.1800-30. Another room was added, then another and another including a working watercloset and a real kitchen in the early 1900's. Yahoo! All of this housing area was tied into the barn, remodeled and eventually became known as Treasures Antiques & Collectables, and later on, in 1997, rebranded as TREASURES ANTIQUES, COLLECTABLES & MORE! Oh, what a past! Imagine, sitting in the front room overlooking the path to "Amherst Station" well before this country was even born! (about 26 years before!) Feel the goose bumps? You'll have to stop by and see for yourself.

Please also note, that over the years, we have been selected as the top store of it's kind in the area by several newspapers and magazines, via readership vote. Thanks for all your generous votes over the many, many years. That means so much to all of us here at Treasures! Keep those votes coming our way.... 

Here is a picture of the house as it was in ca. 1907


Just a few changes wouldn't you say?

Below is a picture of the old Ponemah Station. It was situated just to our left
when facing the front of the house and was managed by Harry Heath, at the time, an owner of the "Treasures" house . It's long gone, but the trains still ride the rails!
How cool is that...


We are:
No Nonsense!
Tax Free!

The Owners Today

Although this is a group shop, someone has to own it! Back in the fall of 1997, Rick and Sherry Tobin added 'Treasures' to their family of businesses. Once they purchased this business, they immediately breathed new life into the shop and building. The rest is history. [Pardon the expression.] The store has since been affectionately called "The Nicest Shop East of the Pacific!" By the way, we Thank You!


Between the house section and the HUGE barn, is an area called "Kittybunkport Katiques." This passageway is technically owned by the Tobin's seven feline "kids." They sell an assortment of cat related items including catnip, play mice, catnip, Kitty Cucumber items, catnip, food bowls, catnip, mats, catnip, ceramic type planters, catnip, cat prints and artwork, catnip, cat jewelry and did we mention catnip? 

   Treasures is nestled into the heart of what is known as the New Hampshire Antique Trail. Since 1991, we have steadily gained a solid reputation for quality, quantity and service.
   There are about 55 dealers, consignors and artisans, who stock the store with everything from the smallest gifts to entire room settings, all on one street level floor! Treasures is the perfect place to find affordable antiques & collectibles, including furniture and accessories, linens, jewelry, art, other home furnishings (indoor and out) and an array of decorative items plus some locally made food, natural herbals, health and beauty products.

Treasures Antiques, Collectables & MORE!
106 Ponemah Road (Route 122) Amherst, NH 03031
(603) 672-2535

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