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Kameo & Company

Kameo Angel Sapphire Tobin
(07-26-1994 - 11-20-2008)

These photos, [unless otherwise noted] were taken by Al Struthers, formerly of the Monadnock Ledger! They were for a fabulous series of ads that were placed it the paper. Aren't they just PURRRFECT? M-E-O-W S !!!!! to Al
 >^ , , ^<

In these ads, some of the figures Kameo portrayed were:
[Not in any order]
Alfred HitchCAT, Humphrey BoCAT, Elvis PURRSley, PURRlock Holmes, Nomar CATciaparra, Pablo PiCATso, Emeril LaCATsse, Pyotr TchaiCATsky and CAT Schilling 

Kameo purrring along in his car to work
Look pretty cool? Yup,

Kameo as Purrlock Holmes! This Photo
took 2nd place In the State for best b&w ad! Way to go AL STRUTHERS AND THE MONADNOCK LEDGER!

This is Kameo as Humphrey BoCAT:
"Here's lookin' at YOU kid!"

In this ad, Kameo played Nomar CATciaparra
When I say Damn Yankees, I mean "DAMN YANKEES!"

WOW! It's a small world after all,
But you will find a World of Treasures at MY Shop!

Looks like it's time once again to go to Treasures
Our regular hours are EVERY DAY 10AM-5PM

Looking for an Original?
Here's Kameo doing his Pablo PiCATso act.

This is Kameo portraying Elvis Purrsley
hmmmm.... Love Me Tender?

Kameo was packed and on his way to Treasures!
Outta here! Please come and see his shop soon!

The Grand Master of Ceremonies!
Was he handsome or what?

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